My simple fee structure : In today’s economy the priority is to slim down a project’s budget while still getting the most space, style, and refinements possible. I will provide a sample agreement for review prior to any commitment. For all projects I provide a written agreement and fee estimate which lays out what the Client may expect, and budget for, based on the following:


1. A ‘One Time’ flat fee of a minimum $200 to a $600 maximum depending on the size and duration of the project. The flat rate covers the non-hourly costs such as, in-house printing, phone calls, transportation, mailings, deliveries, and the minor materials costs not included in the category of Reimbursable fees.

2. A comparatively low hourly rate of $50 per hour, charged for time when performing tasks including: measuring the project, researching compliance issues, designing drafting of plans and the preparing of reports, lists, and all project related documents, as well as consulting with the Client, the City, and Contractors.

3. Reimbursable costs not covered by the one-time flat fee. These may include outsourced duplication of larger quantities of multi-page plans sets, reports, and reimbursement of fees paid to others providing services for the project such as engineering, energy calculations, and fees paid to the City/County. These type of fees will be outlined and discussed prior to your commitment.